Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Pictures

So I've found a few more minutes before we go to meet family for dinner at Olive Garden to share my pictures from one more of my classes.

Day 4: Clipping Masks
This was an easy lesson, but so effective. I can see wanting to apply masks to just about every photo.

Before applying the mask:

I had this great picture of Chad, Lissa and Aiden. They came out to the house last Monday for dinner and so we could take some "9th month belly pictures." We had a great evening and I took lots of pictures, hoping to get a few really good shots. This is one of my favorite shots, so sweet, a happy family waiting for their newest addition.

And this is after applying the clipping mask. It was so easy to do once I knew the right tools to use and in the correct order. I also cropped the picture a little bit, should have brightened it up also, but I didn't. It has a kind of soft look that I kind of like. In case you don't know, the clipping mask adds the soft, grungy look to the edges of the photo. (At least that's what this one does. It all depends on what clipping mask you use. Different ones will give your photo different looks. Wait until you see the clipping mask I used in Lesson 6!

That's it for now, got to go get changed to go to dinner.

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