Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Eve

Pep and Carla are here with the kids for New Year Eve. Got a roast in the crock pot and freshly made brownies waiting on the counter. Keeping dinner simple, but, hopefully, it will be good.

Started altering a little cigarette case that I picked up at a garage sale a couple years ago. When I saw it I thought it might make a cute little mini album. I'm going to use it for Ali's challenge to make a little album of my happy things.
  • Mixer
  • Angel from Carla
  • Paper (especially basic grey) might just use some of this throughout the album
  • shopping
  • books
  • early morning coffee & computer
  • grandkids
  • camera
  • Miah & Lissa

Will have to be observent the next couple days and see if I can add to my "happy" list.

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