Saturday, January 5, 2008

Playing with my Bug

I love playing with my cricut and the last couple days I've been creating some cards with 3D flowers. This is so much fun and my little bug makes it so easy since I can cut multiples of flowers in different sizes and shapes in just moments. I love this color combo of the purple and black with the touches of white. So pretty.

On the purple Thank you card I applied the 3D flower over a stamped image.

On this card I used a stem I had cut from my bug as a stencil and used lumiarte paints to fill in the stencil, then went over the leaves adding details with a silver pen. Once that was done I layered my flowers together, crinkling and folding the petals to add dimension then applying the flowers on the stem. A little ribbon, some silver dots and there you have it.

I love this little bleeding heart "Thinking of you" card. The colors are so great and the size is different than I usually do. It is 9.25 x 4, which was a really fun size to work with. I like to add a little touch to the envelopes to give just a hint of what is inside.

Had to do a card that celebrated my word for 2008. I think it would be perfect for any occasion!

In other matters, today I went to my LSS and got the Basic Grey Magnetic Cutting Board. I've been thinking about getting it because I've been using my old CM cutting mat for years and it is really getting "distressed" and I really was wanting something that was made for 12 x 12 pages. (I hate working on something and have it run off the edge of my mat. Just one of my pet peeves, so I decided to do something about it.) I'm not sure how useful the magnetic part of my new mat will be, but I love working on such a large surface and the black is very nice also. Another thing I discovered about it is that I can attach a LO to the mat with the magnetics and it works very well for photographing my LO.

While at the LSS I met a new friend who may join us at the LSS to crop next Saturday. New friends are good, they are a "happy" thing.

It's a happy day and I've got a new toy to play with (my magnetic mat).

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You need a glossary! I've figured out some of them but others ....

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