Sunday, February 10, 2008


Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I've taken the time to blog. Amazing how time gets away from you.

Last Monday my computer finally died. I'd been getting prepared to get a new one, this event (death) really stepped up the necessity of getting one. Mark went with me to do a little shopping for a new one and I ended up with a really nice HP with a 22" wide screen monitor. I LOVE IT! There is so much I can do now that my old PC just couldn't handle.

Here's a picture of Mark and me that I snapped during checkout at Staples. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon with my brother. First we walked through Ikea for over an hour (got in there and couldn't find our way out! Of course we weren't trying really hard to escape, didn't even look at the map we had!) then ran over to Staples to check out their computers before we headed to Best Buy (where we had planned on shopping). Found the PC I had been looking at, and planning on buying at Best Buy, on clearance at Staples for a great price!

Also picked up some programs I had been promising myself once I had a computer that could handle them, like Photoshop Elements 6. Ended up at Borders a couple days after I got the computer and picked up a book to learn this new (to me) program. I've only started the book (now on chapter 3) and I love the program. It is so great for managing my photos and eventually I hope to know how to do a little more hybrid scrapping! I don't want to become a digi scrapper, I love the feel of paper and glue too much! But it will be great to work more with my photos before printing them. Another program I got, but haven't installed yet because I'm trying to force myself to learn PSE6 first, is Cricut Design Studio. I know I'm going to love this, it will take my little bug to new heights! May reward myself for getting part way through the PSE6 book by giving myself permission to load the Cricut program and playing a little.

Life is with my brother is fun...having a brand new PC for the first time in my life is amazing!

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