Monday, June 22, 2009

So we went camping

Last Monday we left for the Cove Palisades to go fishing and camping with Chad and Melissa. Surprisingly this was all Dom's idea, surprising because he hates camping but he loves fishing and it is difficult to do a couple days of fishing without camping (at least where he likes to fish). So, we went camping...
I really had a great time. It has been a long while since I spent real quality time with Melissa and it was wonderful having these days to visit and get to know each other again. I was impressed with how well she did "roughing" it with the baby due in just three weeks, but she was great! Of course we did have the perfect campsite, close to the bathrooms and just next to the playground which made life for a pregnant mama fairly easy. Aiden could go play with all his new friends at the playground whenever he wanted and we could watch him from anywhere in our campsite. Pretty convenient! Here's a picture I took from our campsite of Melissa and Aiden playing tether ball at the playground. This was a really nice playground and Aiden being Aiden instantly met new friends from families that were camping near us.

All in all I thought it was a great week at the cove...Sr. enjoyed the fishing but pretty much dislikes everything else about camping. It was wonderful spending time with Lissa, Aiden and Chad and it is always good to get away for a little while.
Chad and Melissa out on the boat while Dom was heading to another fishing spot.

Aiden fishing while Papa watches.

Aiden and Lissa on a walk.

Aiden at the swimming hole with friends he met at the playground at the camp.

Our glad we had this time together!

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Melissa said...

That truly was a great time we enjoyed spending the time with Grandma and Papa Dom I hope that Aiden remembers that camping trip forever!