Friday, June 26, 2009

Strawberry Jam

Wednesday Carla and Melissa came out to the house with their kids so we could make jam and the cousins could play together. Of course, the kids ended up helping us with the jam. It was a great afternoon full of sticky goodness! After a little while helping in the kitchen the kids were out the door to run around and play while we got jam made for our families. It was a good thing we planned on Wednesday to do this! When we went down to Olson Farms to pick up the strawberries we were told that this was the next to last day they would have fresh berries available. We cut it close to not getting our jam for this year. We made up 3 flats of berries, one flat for each of our homes and we each got about a dozen jars to put in our freezers for the next year. We will have to make this an annual event, it is so much easier to work together than to do it by ourselves. Throughout the day I found myself thinking about how I used to "put food by" with my mom. She always insisted that the whole family had to help. Now I realize how more hands make the chore easier and go faster. I also realize how it is important for us to make these memories for our children and grandchildren. I really want to continue this as a tradition for our family and to always let the kids be involved. It is one more way of making good childhood memories for them. It also builds lasting bonds between us women. It really meant a lot to me to be working in the kitchen with my daughter and daughter-in-law making something that all our families will enjoy throughout the coming year.

This morning I sat at my computer and threw together this quick digital scrapbook page to document our day together making strawberry jam. The pictures on this layout show the progression of our day starting with a dish of fresh berries to Carla and Gracie cleaning them in the sink. Then there is Aiden stirring the jam while Lissa jars up the finished jam. Then I show the finished product, ready to go in the freezer along with a picture of Joey with a jam smile after biting into a piece of bread covered with fresh strawberry jam.

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Melissa said...

I cant wait till next year to do this all over again and like Carla said we should try blueberry jam yummy!