Monday, January 3, 2011

Now I'm Rockin'

Just started my new class at (thank you Miah and Wendy!). Here's my first task in Lesson 1. Used a photo that Chad took while Melissa and he were in Florida on their honeymoon in 2009. So excited to be taking another class from Jessica. In the first lesson I changed the original photo to sepia tones and then changed the frog back to full color. Looks pretty neat, don't ya think? This was the perfect picture to use this technique on. This is how the picture originally looked.

Tara and Andrew stopped by last night to visit and Tara told me she has also signed up for one of Jessica's classes. It's not the same one I'm taking, but I know she will love it.

I've spent some time over the last couple days preparing my MMEL binder. I will have to post more about that later, but for now...back to my lesson.

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