Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once again, Blog, then Don't Blog

Again, when I tell myself I'm going to start blogging on a regular basis, I have to go without a computer again for awhile. This time I'm really hoping to get back to my blog in February. Since I will have a new granddaughter by then, I will have lots to blog about. Another thing that will have to go on hold is my class at I haven't completed the first lesson yet and will most likely start over. Here's what my layout looks like so far, probably won't get it done before we leave

The one thing I really don't like about our winter adventures is having to go without a computer. Seems every year I get really involved in something, like a class (which I have several that I've been participating in besides just this one) and then we leave. When we return it is hard to get caught up on everything. This class is one that I've really been looking forward to. Fortunately it is one that I can pick up again right where I left off.

Well, got to go, lots to do in the next few days as we prepare for our next adventure. Will enjoy the sunshine, that's for sure.

Take care and I will be back in a few....

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