Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Year and Half Later....

I guess I'm going to try blogging again...not happy with my blog title/heading...going to have to do something about that...eventually...

Okay, eventually became today, still not real pleased with my header, but it is better than what I had before. Not so depressing!

Creativewise...here's something I worked on this week...a diaper cake for my daughter's baby shower in a couple weeks. I've never made one before and thought this turned out pretty well. Then, I started looking around online and found a bunch of other ones that were really, really (almost over the top) decorated. Started making mine look a little plain. Guess I'm going to have to do some more work on it. Will post the "after" pictures once I'm done adding more to it, but here it is at this point.

Also I've been working on making a garland decorations for the shower. It's little paper onsies hanging on a clothes line. Got the from a site online and I bookmarked the PDF file, but can't locate the original website, so unfortunately I can't share that, but I want everyone to know that the original idea was not mine. I will share pics of that also, once it is done.


Tonight is our nite for red meat (I'm trying to fix it just once a week) so we will have BBQ'd steaks, potato salad, fresh green beans, a green salad and some fresh melon. So I guess I better go get some marinade on those steaks!

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